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Live the Local Life at Phachan

Looking to get out of the city and spend a few days living as a local and waking up to sunrise on the Mekong River? Planning for a day-out around the area of Sam Phan Bok? Ban Phachan may be the place for you.

One of the most important rivers in South East Asia, the Mekong River is the main source of civilisations and several curious landforms. A large body of water, the Mekong impacts the landscape significantly at each seasonal fluctuation. Sam Phan Bok, dubbed “the Grand Canyon of Thailand” is one example: it is the holed formation of rocks along the banks that have been eroded by the water over the years. Or Phachan, the rocky cliffs eroded by the rising and lowering of the tide, carving layers onto its surface. Some are even wide enough for you to go in.

Ban Phachan is an area in Ubon Ratchathani that is beginning to receive more and more visitors. Its location being on the banks and not very far from Sam Phan Bok and other popular destinations, the village makes a perfect base for visitors wishing to spend a few days exploring the area. The eroded rock walls, Phachan, is only a stone’s throw away from the village. Boat tours or even transportation in the area are readily offered by the locals.

More and more houses in Ban Phachan are beginning to offer its spare space as a homestay service. As the village is still pretty much in tune with nature, the facilities remain for the most part simple. This is not without its joy; unique food and delicacies made from products of the area, the unbridled hospitality from the locals and the sublime wonder of nature all around you more than make up for it. It is also a good opportunity to learn the local culture first-hand and to exchange with your kind hosts.

At Ban Phachan, you will experience life that is completely different from that of the city. Plus, you will wake up to the sunrise on the Mekong river. Is that not a nice change?