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Phuket Baba Wedding Ceremony: Tie the knot by the Andaman Sea

Phuket, the brightest star of southern region of Thailand that has made its name throughout the world as one the hottest tourist destinations. “The Pearl of the Andaman Sea” is rich in natural resources and natural wonders, ranging from huge mountains, emerald green waters to sky-high waterfalls. However, there’s a small but beautiful aspect of Phuket that’s not as well-known as other aspects, yet it greatly reflects the identity of the island, Phuket’s cultures and traditions.  
One of the most outstanding traditions in Phuket belongs to the group of people who call themselves “Baba” or “Peranakan”. “Peranakan” literally means “was born here” in Malay. In Phuket, “Peranakan” or “Baba” are the descendants of Chinese immigrants and Malaysians. The Baba community in Phuket is a tightly knit community. Their most outstanding tradition is the “Baba Wedding ceremony” or the “Phuket Baba Wedding Ceremony”, which is a traditional style of marriage. The Phuket Babas has been carrying on this ceremony for decades, passing it down from generation to generation.

What makes Baba wedding ceremony different from other ceremonies is the degree of elegance and grandeur. Another thing would be how the wedding ceremony reflects the tightness of the Babas family-like community.

For the wedding ceremony, the groom will wear a western suit, showing how Peranakan’s constantly do business with foreigners, reflecting Peranakan’s way of life. As for the bride, the bride will wear a ‘baju panjang’, a long sleeved, knee length, thin transparent blouse worn with an inner white undershirt, with a pair of ‘kasot manek’ which are Peranakan beaded slippers. The bride will also wear a family heirloom, that is, a flower crown made of gold on her wedding day.

Originally, the ceremony was held for 7 days 7 nights. However it has now been reduced to be a one-day ceremony, so the tradition can be easily and more conveniently carried on. The Phuket City office and Thai Peranakan Association collaborate to keep this beautiful and elaborate tradition alive and pass down to the next generation. The Baba wedding is another living proof of how friendly and amicable Thai people are; they welcome all kinds of people no matter what their ethnicities are. Immigrants are able to blend in perfectly and live together peacefully with the locals. Moreover, the locals are supporting in passing down the traditions even though they’re not their own.

If you are interested in witnessing a Baba wedding ceremony, visit Phuket in June. A Baba wedding ceremony is held annually in June, and there are usually 5-6 couples joining the ceremony. Or you could even book to have your own wedding in Baba style! You will surely leave with unforgettable memories of this impressive and unique tradition!