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This used to be my playground

Sampran Riverside is the current name of this lush retreat ... a 70-acre eco-cultural destination on the bank of the Ta Chin River ... only half an hour or an hour away from Bangkok, depending on where you start your journey. 

But my childhood memories of this place date back to the early 70s when it was known as the Rose Garden in English or Suan Sampran in Thai, which literally means the garden (Suan) of three woodsmen ... my playground, with the mini amusement park equipped with swings and merry-go-round, racing cars and lots of green everywhere you turn. I even went back as a college student to host a walk rally for our batch’s reunion party. 

The Sampran Riverside in Nakhon Pathom province has been a family-run hideaway since 1962. The 3 generations of family management have proven that they are true to their philosophy of honouring and living the legacy of traditional Thai ways. 

Guests are pampered with genuine Thai hospitality and during their stay, they can also indulge in Thai cuisine with organic ingredients from its farm. The Antique Thai House is an option for a stay for those who wish to enjoy the ultimate Thai way of living. 

Checking in at the Sampran Riverside also means access to the Pathom Organic Spa and cultural workshops in the Thai Village. A visit to the local farmers' plantation also provides an opportunity for visitors to learn more about the organic produce supplied to the resort.

Activities at the Sampran Riverside revolve around nature, Thai culture and well-being. The Thai Art and Craft Workshops and Village Celebration open daily from 10.00 -12.00 Hrs. in the morning and 13.00 -15.30 Hrs. in the afternoon at the Thai Village. Guests are welcome to hop from one pavilion to another and master their skills ; or at least try out the traditional weaving, rice farming, traditional Thai games, bamboo dancing, Thai martial arts, garland making, pottery, making umbrella painting, Thai herbal compress making, and Thai Boxing to name a few ... there is literally something for everyone in the family or group of friends with diverse interests. 

The Workshops end with the Village Celebration that lasts for 30 minutes. Starting at 15.30 Hrs. the fiesta kicks off with a 4 regional drum performance and followed by the Thai way of life procession. 

Cooking classes here are unique because they are conducted either under the Ruen Ayudhaya Thai House, on the riverside floating pier Ruen Pae, or on the riverside terrace with the purpose to educate participants on the balance of tastes and health benefits of traditional Thai food. 

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