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Bathe in the mist of Doi Pha Tang, Chiang Rai

Arm in arm, you watch as the tide of white cloud rolls in between majestic verdant peaks and then sun rises, turning the sky into a symphony of color at Doi Pha Tang.

The puffy white clouds roll in, hugging the two ridges, finally forming a marriage of nature, a single white sea. The panorama is magical, a fantasy, a Shangri-la, with a fiery ball rising to the heavens, creating a symphony of color, bright oranges and reds softening to sweet pastels. Down below flows the mighty Mekong that has cut this valley and now marks the border between Thailand and Laos. Doi Pha Tang, rising 1800 meters above sea levels, offering unparalleled mountain views that stretch 25 kilometers away where at the other end of the Sea of Clouds rises Phu Chi Fa, or Pointing to the Sky Peak.

You can be sure temperatures are cool all year round in this alpine paradise, making it ideal for growing apricots, Chinese pears and robust teas. It’s also the home to a number of hill tribes, Haw Chinese, Hmong and Yao who are cultivating these crops and are more than happy to share their fruits as well as traditional customs when you visit.

Recommendations : You can visit Doi Pha Tang any time of year, but it is especially beautiful in December and January, when the pink magnolias, white orchid and cherry trees are in full bloom. There are festivals held during this time. You can check about these and accommodations at

Doi Pha Tang Tourist Attractions : (Mountain formations: Phabong Prathu Su Laos, (Gateway to Lao), Chong Khao Khat, Sala Kang Jeen and Pa Hin Yunan.

How to get there

There are four routes you need to follow from Chiang Rai city

Chiang Rai – Vieng Chai – Phaya Mengrai – Ban Ta (National Highways 1233, 1173, 1152): 50 kilometers
Ban Ta – Ban Thacharoen (National Highway 1020) 45 kilometers
Ban Thacharoen – Vieng Kaeng – Bang Hat (National Highway 1155): 17 kilometers
Bang Hat – Doi Pha Tang: another 15 kilometers
Parts of the route can be difficult or visit the website to book an air ticket, rent a vehicle and accommodations for convenience.

For more information

Tel. +66 53 717 433 , +66 53 744 674-5