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Breathtaking Phu Thork, Loei


A soft sea of clouds slowly fades, like an ebbing tide, revealing what appear as islands, but are actually distant verdant peaks, the highest, Phu Thork. This breathtaking sight is one of the reasons that visitors are drawn to Chiang Khan, Loei.

What could be more romantic than watching dawn ascend hand in hand. As the sun rises above the cloudbank and majestic mountains, the sky’s pastel colors are reflected on the puffy white palette that will break apart and fade, revealing the mighty meandering Mekong cutting its way between Thailand and Laos. These can feel like moments you never want to end.

So, ,look for locations where you can take photographs of each other and together before or as part of this picturesque landscape bursting with life and love.

How to get here

 Go 3 kilometers from the Chiang Khan town and, if you are driving, park by the river. From here take the provided transport to the scenic viewpoints, as the route is very rough, steep and windy, and can be quite dangerous for those who don’t know it. The best time to come is from August through February.

For more information

Amphoe Sawilai, Beungkan

+668 7493 0355