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Charming Thai Traditional Wedding


When you marry, why follow what others are doing now? Why not step back in time and wed as Thais did in the past? You don’t have to be Thai to marry according to Thai tradition. “Buffalo Village”, a community that has preserved the lifestyle and culture of times of yore, will help you host a wedding that no one will ever forget. And don’t let the name of the village fool you; the surrounding are clean, pure and natural. The village comprises traditional wooden homes on stilts. The groom will lead a procession on the back of a buffalo to a house assigned as the bride’s. There is one very typical Sriprajan traditional mansion, possibly once the home of one of the wealthier village inhabitants. Here amidst centuries’ old elegance, set amidst lush rice paddy with everyone dressed in traditional garb, you can exchange your vows and celebrate in a traditional manner that all will always remember.
Buffalo Village is located on Yai Raod, Ampheur, Suphanburi, which is 129 kilometers from Bangkok and 20 minutes from the provincial capital. It is open daily 9.00 a.m. – 6.00 pm.

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