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Rest your body and mind at Mon Jam, Chiang Mai

When you and your love have been struck by Cupid’s arrow and fall under a spell that makes you feel like you have to getaway, Mom Jam Mountain can be ever so enchanting.

Mon Jam is a highpoint of Chiang Mai’s Mae Rim district. It’s part of the Luang Nong Noi Development Project Center and has become very popular among tourists because of the high vantage points to offers for the most mesmerizing vistas to be shared together. These are moments you won’t want to end.

The wooden sala (pavilion) at the edge of the share cliff is an excellent spot for the two of you to rest, sip a drink and feel the cool temperatures hard to find anywhere else in Thailand any time of year as you also enjoy the views of the majestic mountain ranges caressing the infinite horizon. If you are there at dawn, you can catch a glimpse of the sun rising above the sea of clouds embracing the distant peaks that appear like jade and emerald islands.

Later, you can promenade through the gardens as colorful flowers bloom, creating beautiful backdrops for photographs to be cherished. Then, there is fun to be had riding small cars down the slope, picking fresh strawberries, sharing smiles with the hill tribe children and buying souvenirs at the local shops.

If you really want to make this a romantic sojourn, spend the night camping at the Mon Jam Mountain Resort so you can watch the sun set and feel the temperatures drop, hugging close under thick blankets to keep warm. High above, you’ll see as a tide of stars roll in, filling the indigo sky, while down below on the mountain slopes and in the valleys, the lights of villages also flicker, helping to make this a heavenly night for the two of you.

How to get there

It takes only about 40 minutes from Chiang Mai city. Follow National Highway 107, Chiang Mai – Fang, to Mae Rim district. At Kilometer 17, turn left onto National Highway 1096, Mae Rim – Samerg, and drive to Kilometer 15. Here turn right towards Ban Pongyaek and drive another 6 kilometers to Mon Jae Mountain. For those who don’t know the way, it is recommended that you hire a vehicle for safety and ease.

For more information

Address: 22/8 Moo7 | in Nong Hoi Royal Project, Mae Ram Subdistrict, Mae Rim 50180, Thailand

053 810 765 ต่อ 108, 081 806 3993