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The Puppetry and Art of Baan Silipin on Bagkok’s Khlong Bang Luang

The slow and easy lifestyle enjoyed by the old, traditional community that lines the banks of Khlong Bang Luang is something like an oasis in the bustling havoc of Bangkok. Cruising along on the currents, stopping at some of the ancient wooden shops and homes, sharing an adventure into Thailand’s past can be a perfect way to spend your first date.

There’s lot to see and experience. The photo opportunities can seem almost too numerous, traditional wooden architecture dating back 200 years, arts and crafts being practiced and on display much like they were in days of yore.

You can take a break anywhere that captures your attention. But one thing that should not be missed is the puppet show performed by the Kham Nai Troupe at Baan Silipin (Art House), as there are now so few chances to see this now ancient performing art. The curtain for these free performances rises everyday, but Wednesday, at 2.00 p.m., and the laughter often resounds all along the waterway, because of the puppets’ playful antics.

In addition, Baan Silipin offers much more to see and do, like dining on delicious authentic Thai dishes, painting theatrical masks, print making and sitting arm in arm as an artist sketches your portrait, which you can take along with other souvenirs to always remember this first romantic sojourn. Before you leave, be sure to visit the gallery on the second floor where you will see wonderful oil paintings to select from to decorate your home.

After all this, you’ll be ready once more to board your boat and cruise back to the pier with the soft breezes caressing, chimes ringing, birds singing, children laughing, and smiles on everyone’s face as you pass by.

Opening Hours: Monday-Tuesday 10.00-18.00 Wednesday-Thursday 09.00-18.00 and Saturday – Sunday 09.00-19.00

How to get there


How to get here: Baan Silipin can be reached by renting a long tail boat or by land from Charoern Sanitwongse Soi 3 or Petchkasem Soi 20 and Soi 28.

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Baan Silipin
Tel: +66 2868 5279,+66 8 1258 9260