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Vintage in Wedding Day

Vintage ambiance can be created in a venue that blends traditional Thai and colonial styles on the banks of the pristine River Kwai in Kanchanaburi. And if the wedding theme and decorations are also vintage, you are certain to create a day and evening never to be forgotten.
First, the tones should be soft, like pastel yellow, cream or white along with gold, to fit with the classic venue. Holding the ceremony and reception outside on the grass will add to the mood of romantic joy.
For decorations, you’ll want vases of beautiful bouquets along with what look like antique wooden bird cages to add to the vintage mood. Then you can have woven rattan balls of different sizes spread about while flowered ribbons are strung from bamboo posts and around the tables. One thing you don’t want to forget is to give the guests yellow flower corsages as symbols of the couple’s joy.
For an extra touch, decorate the venue for the ceremony and reception with yellow, cream and white orchids, carnations and other in season blooms; then add a soft classical piano serenade to complete the very elegant affair.
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